FLAHERTY AND WITMER TO ANNOUNCE ONTARIO TORY LEADERSHIP CANDIDACY TODAY Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Environment Minister Elizabeth Witmer will announce their Tory leadership bids today. Labour Minister Chris Stockwell will launch his bid Monday. LifeSite will present pro-life analyses of the new candidates Monday.

VIDEO SUGGESTS STOCKWELL DAY TO RUN FOR ALLIANCE LEADERSHIP The Toronto Sun reports Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day has made a video promoting the party and himself just weeks before he’ll say if he’s running to keep his job.

PRAYER REQUESTED   Long time Campaign Life Coalition activist Carl Scharfe has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. The current medical prognosis is very poor. Carl was the pioneering editor of the Interim newspaper and has designed many of CLCs pamphlets and the CLC National News for many years. He is still functioning well at home and is fighting the disease. Please pray for Carl.