ONTARIO PARENTS SURVEYED ON EDUCATION The Ontario government is asking parents what they think about their children’s schooling. A 26-question survey is to arrive in late November as part of the government’s Winter 2001-2002 On magazine. The issue presents an opportunity to advocate fairer taxation for parents who choose private or home schooling for their children.

UK TO INTRODUCE EMERGENCY CLONING LEGISLATION The UK Government is introducing emergency legislation to ban reproductive cloning early next week. Human cloning advocate Dr. Antinori has claimed he hopes to begin cloning humans in Britain.

BISHOP REJECTS UNIVERSITY DECISION TO SACK PRO-FAMILY PRIEST Catholic Archbishop Barry Hickey yesterday said he did not accept a university decision to scrap a Catholic priest as chaplain because the priest signed an ad against lowering the age of consent for homosexual sex. The Bishop accused Edith Cowan University of breaching its own guidelines concerning freedom of speech and dismissal.

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