CANADIAN COUNCIL OF CHURCHES HAS PROBLEMS WITH ANTI-TERROR BILL The Canadian Council of Churches made a presentation to the House Committee on the federal anti-terrorist legislation. On Nov. 6 the council said it was “concerned that the net cast by this definition is too wide and could catch those involved in the kind of political dissent and protest which have long been part of Canada’s social landscape.”

DOC ADMITS NEW DOWN’S SYNDROME TEST IS USED FOR ABORTIONS Professor Howard Cuckle, writes in the Lancet medical journal about a new test for Down’s syndrome involving the presence of a bone in the nose of the unborn child to avoid amniocentesis. He said the “benefits” of the new procedure include “an early diagnosis with consequent safer and less traumatic therapeutic abortion.”

DANA SCALLAN OPPOSED TO IRISH GOV’T REFERENDUM PROPOSAL Dana Rosemary Scallan, the famous Irish pro-life singer turned European Parliamentarian has come out against the proposed Irish government referendum. Dana is concerned since the proposal would define life as beginning at implantation rather than fertilization and thus allow for “unethical and unconstitutional research using child embryos”.