An Ottawa area couple whose infant stillborn twins were buried in a common grave with 16 other stillborn babies and fetuses has won the first round in a lawsuit seeking to establish that their children were not given a “decent and dignified” burial. A judge allowed the matter to move to trial, rejecting the Ottawa Hospital’s bid to have the suit dismissed.{3553BCC4-C069-4DA1-96BA-F67614D7D51C}

A National Audit of Abortion services in Britain for 2000 found that one in four abortion centers do not take adequate measures for infections after abortions.

An ethics committee for Kyoto University has approved a study on using human embryos but is awaiting government approval.

The BBC reports that one in five emergency nurses in UK hospitals are carrying out secret pregnancy tests on children as young as nine-years-old. The tests performed without the knowledge of the parent or child are claimed to be necessary for doctors prior to X-rays.