THE BIRTH CONTROL PILL HAMPERS SENSE OF SMELL A study published in the November issue of the journal of Human Reproduction finds that women who take oral contraceptives may be less responsive to the scents that attract them to men.

BORN AT 27 WEEKS GESTATION, TINY LESS THAN 1 POUND BABY GOES HOME HEALTHY Halea Maurer, who at birth weighed 12 ounces and was only 10 inches long, was able to go home from hospital Friday. Born June 25, at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, the baby went home with no special medical needs weighing 4 pounds, 9 ounces and is 15 3/43/4 inches tall.

NUMBER OF WOMEN CLAIMING SEXUAL ABUSE BY ABORTIONIST TRIPLES The Arizona Republic reports that the number of women accusing a Phoenix abortionist of sexual abuse more than tripled Thursday, a day after the doctor was jailed involving misconduct with patients going back eight years. Nearly 40 women have now told authorities that Dr. Brian Finkel, 51, inappropriately touched them before or during examinations and abortions, authorities said Thursday.