GIRL SCOUTS COOPERATING WITH ANTI-CATHOLIC GROUP AT UN The representatives for the Girl Scouts and Girl Guides at the United Nations have been charged by the Catholic League with supporting the anti-Catholic group “Catholics” for a Free Choice. Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute pointed out the cooperation between the Girl Scouts and CFFC at the United Nations.

LEADING UK PHILOSOPHER IN FAVOUR OF ALLOWING SEX SELECTION Dr David McCarthy, a leading UK philosopher at the University of Bristol, argues that people should have the legal right to use fertility treatments to choose the sex of their child. Writing in the Journal of Medical Ethics, Dr McCarthy argues that there are no good reasons for legally restricting sex selection

OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER MONTH – WARN ABOUT ABORTION LINK The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, an international women’s organization, is urging people to make women aware of the link between abortion and breast cancer. Background information for a letter to the editor on the link this month is available at: