SUPREME COURT ORDERS ALASKA TO PAY FOR ABORTIONS The Alaska Supreme Court ruled unanimously Friday that a state regulation barring public funding for abortion is unconstitutional.

UN COMMITTEES ENGAGE IN RADICAL ANTI-FAMILY RE-INTERPRETATIONS OF TREATIES C-Fam reports that in a paper delivered last week to the World Family Policy Forum, in Provo, Utah, Algerian ambassador to the United Nations, Amina Mesdoua examined the role of UN compliance committees. Instead of simply monitoring states’ actions, Mesdoua charges that these committees engage in radical anti-family re-interpretations of the treaties, and then demand that states accept these new interpretations, or risk falling out of compliance with the treaties.

RESEARCH ON EMBRYOS HAS CAUSED UNHEARD OF RUPTURE IN HUMANITY Bishop Elio Sgreccia, vice president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, in an interview with Vatican Radio said that destructive research on human embryos has caused “an unheard-of rupture” in humanity. Ominously he said, “They are a series of misdeeds, so serious and linked to one another, they never happened historically.”

ROSARY PRAYER PROJECT FOR BUSH TO PROTECT EMBRYONIC HUMAN LIFE The Pro-Life Rosary Project invites all Catholics to participate in prayers asking that U.S. President George Bush cooperate with God’s grace in protecting innocent embryonic human life.

HOMOSEXUAL COORS BEER Coors has developed a homosexual ad to sell beer. It was promoted by Scott Coors, 33, the openly homosexual son of company chairman William Coors.,6903,529098,00.html

FEMINIST PETITION AIMS TO DROP ‘SONS’ FROM O CANADA A campaign to change the lyrics of O Canada reaches Parliament Hill today, where a coalition is collecting signatures in favour of ousting the phrase “in all thy sons command.”