Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC) presented its first annual Family Life and Freedom award to Eric Lowther, former MP in Calgary Centre, for his diligent defense of family during his years serving in the federal government. This annual award is designed to honor and thank Canadians who have exhibited courage and dedication in supporting family, life and freedom in Canada. CFAC President Roy Beyer presented the 2001 inaugural award to Mr. Lowther on Saturday March 17, 2001 at a Real Women’s conference in Edmonton.

NICARAGUA: The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) is promoting “sexual and reproductive rights” among Nicaraguan youth in 18 municipalities in the country.

(Alina Lorio, Managua La Prensa, 16 Mar, UN Wire translation).

CAMBODIA: Yoshinko Zenda, a United Nations’ Population Fund (UNFPA) official in Cambodia condemned US President Bush’s Mexico City Policy saying that information on abortion must be given since “it’s a basic human right.” (Chicago Tribune, 14 March as reported in SPUC News Digest),1575,SAV-0103140254,00.html

AUSTRALIA: A bill to allow physician assisted suicide has been introduced into the South Australia legislature, and its proponent is confident of its passage.