“An experimental therapy for Parkinson’s disease suffered its second setback in a month,” reported the New York Times today. The revelation comes from the Genzyme Corporation and Diacrin Inc., which were implanting fetal pig cells into the brains of patients. The condition of these patients has not improved compared with a control group. (requires an online subscription)

The latest column by Report magazine writer, Mariette Ulrich, discusses the media bias surrounding euthanasia coverage, particularly in terms of dehumanizing the victims. She notes, for example, that “Tracy Latimer is always referred to as “His Severely Disabled Daughter,” as if she had no identity apart from her father or her handicap. You’ll never see her referred to as “Tracy Latimer, human being,” or “Tracy, a person under the law,” or just plain “Tracy.”

“Peru’s bishops have announced that the ‘Day of the Unborn’ will be celebrated March 25, feast of the Annunciation,” reported Zenit news service Sunday.

A British father is trying to block the plans of his ex-girlfriend to abort their child. “I am fighting for my child, but I am also fighting for a fathers’ rights,” he told the British Broadcasting Corporation. He is being supported by the Pro-life Alliance, which put him in touch with a lawyer to fight the case in court.

Canadian Alliance family issues critic, Dr. Grant Hill (MP, McLeod, AB), sent Bill Whatcott of Christian Truth Activists a note of congratulations for his “success in getting a Heterosexual Pride Day” declaration confirmed from the mayor of Regina, Saskatchewan. “Hopefully, this will be a model for other cities, provinces and countries,” he added. This Heterosexual Pride Day is scheduled for June 18.

Christians, joined by Muslims and Hindus, are becoming increasingly vocal as they try to stop Cape Town tourism from continuing its campaign aimed at attracting homosexual tourists to the South African city. “Thousands of Christians will gather at Newlands rugby ground in South Africa’s gay capital on Wednesday, Human Rights Day, to pray for a sin-free city and an end to this official promotion of a town already ranked fifth in the world as a venue for gay travellers,” reported Britain’s Independent paper Sunday

“Bertrand Delanoe, one of France’s few openly gay politicians, claimed victory,” following Sunday’s municipal elections,’ reports the Toronto Star today. “If confirmed, [he] will be chosen as mayor next Sunday, when city councillors meet to cast their votes.”  9683 32188492&call_pagepath=News/News