The only independent abortion clinic in the Australian state of Tasmania has closed after an eight-year campaign by pro-lifers. Ecumenical prayer meetings had been held in churches near the Women’s Health Foundation clinic every Thursday since August 1992. About 10 abortions were performed each week in the clinic, which announced that it was closing due to a drop in customers. [The Mercury, 9 March] (As reported by the Society for the Protection for the Unborn),4511,1785744%255E921,00.html

After cries in the House of Commons that Liberal supporters owned a majority of Canadian media and were using it to promote the Liberal Prime Minister, the government has commenced an inquiry into Canadian media concentration. A focus of the criticism has been the purchase of the National Post by Liberal supporter and CanWest Global mogul Izzy Asper.

Under-population woes are so evident in Europe that celebrities, renowned for anti-family sentiment are encouraging more children to be born. Bjorn Borg, the tennis star is urging Europeans to have more sex. Borg wrote: “We have a bit of a delicate problem here in the Western world: there aren’t enough babies being born. If nothing drastic happens soon, there won’t be anyone who can work and put up for our pensions.”