Rod Love, the former campaign manager of Stockwell Day, has publicly expressed his “wholehearted” support for legalized abortion. Speaking of the “pro-choice” stand of Joe Clark and Jean Chretien he said, “I agree wholeheartedly with that.” (The Calgary Herald Sun 04 Mar 2001 Comment A13 Column Rod Love)  [with files from Pro-Life E-News]

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein is now a full-fledged pro-homosexual activist. The National Post reports that Klein quashed dissent among his cabinet ministers, who objected to the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the 1999 Vriend case, reading “sexual orientation” into the province’s human rights legislation. Reflecting on his reaction to the many passionate complaints he received from Albertans, he said, “My God, if this is the way people feel about sexual orientation, there has to be protection for gays and lesbians.’’