* Canadian Alliance Family Issues Critic Grant Hill has condemned Liberal Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan for her Government’s “latest assault” on the Canadian family. He was referring to Bill C-11, which will allow homosexuals to sponsor their partners into Canada as spouses under the immigration law’s family class provisions “to reflect the high value Canadians place on the family”. In a Friday press release Dr. Hill responded: “What a kick in the teeth. The Liberal’s continue their destruction of the family and now tell us it’s because Canadians value the family.”

* A British couple, Louise and Alan Masterton, who sparked a controversy last year over “designer” babies when they used in-vitro fertilisation to try to replace their daughter who died in an accident have given away their embryo after discovering he was male.

* Last Friday, the new “digital library” of former Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev, was launched with tributes from leaders and citizens around the world on the occasion of Mr. Gorbachev’s 70th birthday.