Society for the Protection of Unborn Children reports that a new study into 11,000 hospital cases in Scotland has indicated that patients as young as 49 are being denied life-saving treatment on the grounds of their advanced years and that “significantly more of the elderly died than would be predicted”. The research was carried out by Dr Pat Grant, an accident and emergency specialist, for the medical journal Injury. Dr Grant blamed a lack of resources rather than clinical decisions by doctors. Jane Barrow, policy manager for Age Concern Scotland, said: “Many people aged 60 to 70 are being written off by the NHS.” [Daily Mail in Scotland, 7 August]

Pro-life pickets are taking place outside Shire Pharmaceuticals (400 Iroquois Shore Rd., Oakville) every Friday (rain or shine) from 12:00 to 1:00 protesting the production of Preven. If more info call 905-383-2333.

A UK teenager suffering from motor neurone disease has been told he has the right to be disconnected from artificial ventilation when he loses his final means of communication. The 19-year-old, who has not been named, can only communicate his wishes to his parents and doctors by blinking his left eye.