In a Globe and Mail article distributed by Pro-Life E-News yesterday, the story of Canadian abortionist Richard Neale, who after being barred from practice in Canada in 1985 on numerous instances of gross incompetence, was employed in a prestigious position in Ob/Gyn practice in England. 
Zenit News reported Tuesday that Nicaragua has officially declared March 25 as the “National Day of the Unborn.” The decree stated that “the right to life, inherent in each of the inhabitants of the nation and the world, is the principal axis of human rights and, therefore,  merits the determined attention of the government.”

The Conservative News Service reported that an interview, between Paramount Television and a homosexual group with regard to the upcoming Dr. Laura Schlesinger show, reached an amicable closure saying there would be a variety of opinions on the show. However, Dr. Laura’s agents said she “held her ground absolutely” and she will have complete control on what expert opinion is heard on the show regarding homosexuality. 

Following international pressure to accept graphic sex education and mass condom distribution,  Kenya is expected to want more condoms. Africa News Online reports that a joint venture between Germany’s largest specialist condom manufacturer, Cologne-based Condomi AG, and Kenya’s Olago Enterprises will build a $2.5 million condom factory in Nairobi.