Catholic World News reports that Bishop Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, was named by Pope John Paul II as the successor to the late Cardinal Basil Hume of Westminster. Bishop Murphy O’Connor is known for his vocal opposition to abortion and euthanasia. 

WorldNetDaily reports today that the parents of Samuel Armas, the infant whose in utero surgery made history after a photo of the pre-born baby grasping the finger of his surgeon through an opening in Mrs. Armas’ uterus, are pro-life. The couple said their decision to go public with their story “stemmed from the fact that it is believed that the vast majority of babies with spina bifida are aborted in this country. … We wanted people to know that there is an educated, professional couple out there who love and value their child even though he is ‘defective’ by society’s definition …,” the mother wrote. 

A Toronto City Hall committee has recommended that a nude beach pilot project on Centre Island in Toronto should be extended for another two years to accommodate the swelling ranks of “naturalists,” National Post reported yesterday. Those opposed to the measure are failing to contact the city gov’t leaving the impression there is no opposition, allowing for extension and permanence.