The National Post reported yesterday that Ontario PC party strategist Tom Long will not seek the leadership of the Canadian Alliance party.  The lead contender for the leadership other than Preston Manning appears to be Alberta’s Tory Treasurer Stockwell Day. 

The Globe and Mail reported Wednesday on Dr. Colin Woolf, a respirologist and former associate dean of medicine at the University of Toronto, 75, who is promoting assisted suicide in Canada. 

The Anglican Church is in crisis over homosexuality. The National Post reported yesterday that Archbishop Michael Peers, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, has denounced as a “schismatic act” the renegade consecration of two Anglican “bishops” sent from overseas to fight against homosexual priests and same-sex marriages in North American churches. 

Human Life International (Ireland) is promoting a “One Million Rosary Campaign” to convert abortion supporters. “We all know individuals and organizations who promote abortion,” stated Patrick McCrystal, HLI (Ireland) director. “Many of these people actually believe they are doing something good. These people need our prayers for the conversion of their hearts.” 

Focus on the Family reported this week that a 56-year-old Winnipeg man has failed in his bid to strike down a section of Canada’s Child Pornography Law on grounds that it violates the equality rights of young teenagers. Gary Geisel, a self-described “amateur photographer,” had claimed that the rights of teens were being violated, because the law makes it illegal for children under 18 to be photographed in the nude – while the age of sexual consent is 14.  Provincial Court Judge Linda Giesbrecht ruled against him Wednesday.