International Planned Parenthood reports that it’s affiliate in the Philippines, the Family Planning Oragnization of the Philippines (FPOP), “has intensified its campaign to promote acceptance of family planning among couples in the rural areas, where women’s fertility rate remains high at 4.8 per cent against 3.5 for urban women.”

Russia Today reported Feb 3 that Russia’s Chief Sanitation Doctor, Gennady Onischenko, signed a resolution in January advocating emergency AIDS prevention measures. This move is ascribed to the deteriorating AIDS situation in Russia. In 1999, 14,980 HIV carriers were registered,  which is 23.5 times more than in 1998.

Spains’s Catholic bishops responded to the sale of RU-486 in the country saying the pill may “hide abortion, but it cannot free it from its murderous character nor from the grave social and public implications that any crime has. We want to say that the use of abortive medication is so immoral as abortion with surgical means.” 

Suspicions that Europe was headed beyond monetary to political union have been confirmed. The Telegraph reports today that Romano Prodi, the president of the European Commission,  yesterday launched a five-year “strategic” plan for political integration, promising a new form of “governance” for an enlarged European Union of 500 million citizens. 

Children are being secretly reared in Britain for sacrifice by Satanists, says a Government-backed expert.