Bill Gates has donated $480,000 (US) to Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada (PPFC) to be used to increase (by ten times) public and private sector support in Canada for international support for population control programmes. Dr Sona Sethi was appointed as PPFC’s Director of International Development for the project which targets Africa and Asia. (PPFC Jan. 28, 2000).

The National Post reported Saturday that a new course at the University of British Columbia offers students credits for “feminist activism.” 

Pro-Life E-News distributed a Calgary Herald story from December which noted that the Calgary Community Lottery Board gave $100,000 to Planned Parenthood Alberta. The entire list of lottery board donations can be found on the Internet here.

Finland has elected Tarja Halonen as its new president. A radical feminist, and homosexualist activist, she will begin her six-year term on March 1. AP reports that she headed Finland’s Gay Association. 

Scotland’s Catholic church, the Church of Scotland, the Tory party and medical and legal groups such as the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics have teamed up to fight a euthanasia bill. The groups suggest that the incapable adults bill could lead to a huge increase in patients left to die by being denied food and water.