US Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright distanced herself this week from the anti-UN comments made to the council by Senator Jesse Helms, head of Congress’s foreign affairs committee. Mr. Helms did not mince words when he told the international organization that America’s commitment to paying it’s alleged arrears would be predicated on evidence that the   unaccountable, bureaucratic-heavy body was implementing real reforms. Ms. Albright,  reflecting the radical internationalist stance of the Clinton Administration, tried to console the UN by assuring her globalist colleagues that “only the president and the executive branch can speak for the United States.” 

Catholic World News reported yesterday that a young woman from Rio de Janeiro announced that she will rent her womb to conceive a baby for a homosexual couple, sparking a legal battle in Brazil regarding surrogate motherhood as well as the rights of homosexuals to raise a child.

British authorities announced Monday that women who have had their eggs removed and frozen will be able to have them fertilized to conceive babies. 

Conservative News Service reported
that the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, or SIECUS, a group founded after sex-addicted sexologist Alfred Kinsey,  calls on religious communities to bless same-sex marriage and allow homosexual ministers. 

Britain could soon sever yet another link with its Christian heritage if ministers succeed in scrapping the letters AD from the date. Catholic World News reports that years have been labeled AD (Anno Domini, the Year of Our Lord) or BC (Before Christ) for at least 400 years.  But ministers say the labels are inappropriate in a multi-faith country. They are launching a consultation with a view to using the more politically correct CE (Common Era) and BCE (Before Common Era).