Canada’s laws against child pornography face a real threat of being nullified at the Supreme Court in the case beginning today since legislators at the time of the law’s passage did not understand the dangerous permissiveness of the Charter of Rights.   

Planned Parenthood of New York has launched a new institute to promote abortion.  The Othmer Institute, according to PPNY “promotes the advancement of reproductive freedom and healthy sexuality through innovative programs and ideas.” The group plans abortion promoting monthly   ads in the New York Times. 

The British Department of Health consultation document proposes to restrict spanking by disallowing corporal punishment with anything other than the hand, and smacking child’s head,  eyes or ears would also be forbidden. 

With $100,000 in seed money, the University of Calgary has launched a new institute on gender research, which is expected to include studies on transsexuals. 

Tomorrow the US Supreme Court will begin hearings in the Hill v. Colorado case dealing with the constitutionality of bubble zones around abortuaries. 

Catholic News Service reported yesterday that Neighbors for Life, a pro-life group in St.  Paul, Minn, has accumulated nearly 20,000 signatures on a petition asking state legislators to ban the use of state tax money for abortion.  It will present the petition to legislators at the end of January.

Scientists have announced the birth of a cloned monkey using a new cloning procedure.  Rather than the cell nucleus transfer made famous with sheep Dolly, the new procedure involved a single monkey embryo was split into four pieces at an early stage of development and each piece developed into a separate embryo.