European parliamentarians are threatening to pull financial health support from Uganda unless abortion is legalized. Finland MP Irina Krohn said: “I cannot convince the Finish government to allocate more money when the abortions taking place are unsafe and illegal, with a lot of human resources wasted.” 

Canada Family Action Coalition reported that both the Crossroads Channel (CTS) of Southern Ontario, and the Miracle Channel (CJIL) of Lethbridge, AB, have been granted a listing on Part III of the List of Eligible Satellite Services. This essentially means that both these channels can now be carried by cable companies right across the country. Additionally, the door has now been opened for religious broadcasting services that originate outside of Canada, such as the Catholic network EWTN, to obtain licenses through “linkage” with either CTS or CJIL.

Canada Family Action Coalition has asked for pro-family supporters to join a 24 hour prayer chain starting at 6:00pm Jan 17 – until 6:00pm Jan 18, praying in at least one 15 minute slot for the success of the case against child pornography at the Supreme Court of Canada.

The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) with the Margaret Sanger Center International (MSCI) have joined forces to impose on Mongolia “an adolescent sex and reproductive education program.”   

Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute warned today that the UN Convention on Organized Crime may urge the legalization of prostitution. The UN is trying to force a distinction between “forced” and “voluntary” prostitution. Both conservatives and feminists are fighting the proposal. 

The Advocate reported yesterday that a federal appellate court has agreed to re-examine a 1997 Louisiana law that allows women to sue their doctor for physical or emotional trauma even years after having an abortion