Mon Jan 10, 2000 - 11:15 am EST

The procedure for over the counter morning after pill availability in England is outlined in this report from the BBC. 

Reform Party leader Preston Manning who was praised recently for mentioning the rights of the unborn in his response to the Throne Speech in Canadian Parliament has said that he would resign if his United Alternative plan fails. 

The Sunday Times reported that a researcher from the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, which created Dolly the sheep, has moved to New Zealand to help build up a 1,500-strong herd of genetically engineered cows. 

The Associated Press reported on Saturday that funding of “family planning” services in the US would rise by $35 million, the largest increase in two decades.

The National Post carried an article Saturday which outlined the renewed abortion debate ignited around the spectacular photo of an unborn baby gripping the hand of a surgeon during in utero surgery. The successful birth of baby Sam has added further fuel to the “debate”. 

South China Morning Post issued a startling story last week alleging that mainland China “has run out of money to fund its coercive family planning system and is now preparing to transform it into a self-funding customer-dedicated service, according to the head of the Research Institute under the Family Planning Commission.”

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