A Newfoundland woman is crusading for more jail time for those who kill babies after her six-  week-old son was killed by her former boyfriend who received only 18 months in jail for his crime. The National Post reported Monday that the federal Department of Justice is examining possible changes to the Criminal Code and the Canada Evidence Act and is requesting comments as part of a consultation paper called Child Victims and the Criminal Justice System.To comment on the proposed changes to the law click here.

The National Post reports today that the federal government has rejected a proposed new national identity card for Canadians because it would raise serious privacy concerns, cost up to $3.6-billion and come with no guarantee of savings from reduced fraud.

CBC news reported yesterday that researchers at the University of Connecticut say they’ve cloned six genetically identical calves from cells stored for several months, refuting expert opinion that cells go stale.

The Elliot Institute has put online all the back issues (seven years) of The Post-Abortion Review. The articles include testimonies, research and analysis on implementing a pro-woman/pro-life strategy.