The National Post reported today that child pornographer John Robin Sharpe, who succeeded in having Canada’s laws against possession of child porn struck down, has made a 60 page submission to the Supreme Court which will hear the case in 2 weeks. Sharpe argues that a the law against child porn is too broad and conjures up Orwellian images of thought police. 

The Catholic Group for Health, Justice and Life has been granted leave by the Supreme Court of Canada to intervene in the Robert Latimer case to be heard in about 6 months time. The Group represents four major organizations in the Catholic Church: the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Catholic Women’s League of Canada, the Catholic Health Association of Canada and the Canadian Association of the Knights of Columbus. 

A Wirthlen Worldwide poll on sex education conducted in Massachusetts reveals that over 90 percent of parents strongly disagree with the sex education being taught in public schools.  The survey was commissioned by the Massachusetts News, a conservative monthly newspaper. 

Zenit News reported Sunday that a baby was born to a clinically dead mother. Upon her request, the 34-year-old mother, who knew she was dying, was kept on life-support for a month and a half. The child is in good health and two of the mother’s five brothers have offered to adopt him. 

Pro-Life E-News distributed a New Zealand Press report from December 30 indicating that abortifacient ‘morning after’ pills are being offered free on the Internet. The site is providing the pills no-questions asked, despite their known risk for serious side-effects and the fact that a prescription is usually required to receive them. The group plans to sell RU-486 as soon as it is available.