A man held in prison accused of the rape of two New Orleans Women paid for two abortions for one of his victims. (Yahoo)  

BBC news is reporting that a 63-year-old mother of a 28-year-old Down’s syndrome man has applied to the courts for permission to have her son sterilised without his consent because she feels she can no longer keep him under “strict supervision” and feels any pregnancies would have serious consequences for mother and child.    

Bourque Newswatch reported yesterday that Conservative leader Joe Clark is set to announce Wednesday that he will run in the next election in the riding of Calgary Centre, currently held by the Reform Party and its incumbent leading pro-family MP Eric Lowther. The Globe and Mail reported the story today in its hard-copy edition. 

The Associated Press reports today that the National Organization for Women is seeking to block Florida’s planned sales of “Choose Life” license plates, arguing the plates unconstitutionally promote an anti-abortion slogan. 

The Globe and Mail reported today on a national survey conducted by Angus Reid to determine what Canadians think about their judges. According to the article, Albertans and Atlantic Canadians “are more critical of the increased power of judges than are the rest of Canadians,” with 57% of Albertans expressing concern. National concern registers at 50% with older and wealthier Canadians being most troubled by the power of judges today.