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(LifeSiteNews) – A petition condemning popular conservative talk show host Dave Rubin for admitting he would abort a severely disabled baby has reached nearly 4,000 signatures.  

LifeSite launched the petition on June 10 after openly homosexual Dave Rubin, host of “The Dave Rubin Show” on BlazeTV, revealed that he would abort two unborn babies he commissioned currently carried by surrogate mothers if the babies were found to suffer from severe disabilities.  

In his new book, Don’t Burn This Country, Rubin admits that he would “terminate the pregnancy” if he discovered that his future legal children had severe disabilities.  

He further voiced his support for abortion up until 12 weeks, compounding the regrettable pro-eugenics stance he has taken towards unborn babies with disabilities.  

Rubin sparked controversy after he announced that he and his “husband” commissioned two babies by surrogacy.  

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He made the announcement in a March 16 tweet, sharing two photos of himself and his partner David Janet holding up ultrasound images along with a sign announcing that “Baby 1” and “Baby 2” were due to be born on August 22 and October 14, respectively. 

Many conservatives oppose surrogacy, arguing it devalues the relationship between a mother and her child, undermines the family, and turns children into a commodity. The Catholic Church teaches that surrogacy is “gravely immoral,” violating “the child’s right to be born of a father and mother known to him and bound to each other by marriage.” 

IVF, which is also recognized as illicit by the Catholic Church, frequently results in excess human embryos, many of which are subsequently destroyed. Millions of embryos may be abandoned or discarded at fertility clinics across the United States.

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“Human babies and wombs are NOT commodities to be rented or harvested like crops,” wrote Catholic commentator and author Taylor Marshall. “Disgusting and foul and evil. Dave Rubin is NOT ‘conservative’ – whatever that means anymore.” 

 In addition to denying these unborn babies their biological mothers, Rubin admitted he would deny the children even the basic right to life if they were disabled.

Help Jenifer Bowen fight cancer: LifeFunder