Friday August 28, 2009

Judy Brown Letter to Cardinal O’Malley re: Ted Kennedy Funeral

The Faithful Must Stand up Against Such a Scandal

August 27, 2009

His Eminence Sean Cardinal O’Malley

Archdiocese of Boston

2121 Commonwealth Ave.

Boston, MA 02135

Your Eminence:

We are aware of the impending disaster that is about to take place at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica in your Archdiocese. We are positive that you are aware that Senator Edward Kennedy spent the past 30 years doing all he could to advocate and support the act of procured abortion, and yet he continued to call himself Catholic. We know that you are also aware of his divorce, remarriage, et cetera. These are public matters, not private.

We are therefore astounded that you are permitting a funeral Mass for this man at the Basilica, and that you have obviously approved the appearance of President Barack Obama, the United States president who has done more to facilitate the direct killing of innocent children before birth than any president in the history of this nation.

There is still time to stop this scandal, Your Eminence. The truth does not change because of the respect the world is paying to this man. The Catholic principles which you have sworn to uphold have not disappeared because of Senator Kennedy’s death.

As I have told several reporters, if this funeral Mass proceeds as planned, Senator Edward Kennedy will have spit one more time on Christ, this time from a casket.

Please, Your Eminence. Stop the travesty.

Sincerely yours in the Lord Who IS Life,

Judie Brown, President

American Life League, Inc.