(LifeSiteNews) – As conservatives and liberals assess the shocking midterm elections and what yesterday’s ruthless electoral battles mean for abortion, the LGBT lobby, lockdowns, and more, LifeSite’s political journalists provide viewers first-hand coverage paving the way for the culture of life — and laying out what LifeSite readers and viewers can do to change the cultural landscape for good.

Watch as LifeSite’s team of dedicated journalists provides key analysis, reactions, and expert opinions regarding the United States midterm election results. Join U.S. Bureau Chief Doug Mainwaring, Senior LifeSite Correspondent Jim Hale, and political analyst Stephen Kokx for unique insight into the election from a pro-life, pro-family perspective — not covered by the mainstream media.

Don’t miss this roundtable discussion — live and unscripted — for LifeSite’s biggest political analysis of the year. These election results are leaving shockwaves across the nation. Here are just a few factors impacting the pro-life movement:

  • Ron DeSantis’s landslide re-election as governor of Florida
  • Pro-life victory as Stacey Abrams loses the Georgia governor race
  • A major loss for the unborn in state ballot initiatives related to abortion
  • Uncertainty for millions of Americans who will continue living with major inflation

While advocates for the unborn scored major victories in Florida, the passing of pro-abortion referenda and society’s persecution of the unborn demonstrate the desperate need for LifeSite’s pro-life, truthful reporting.

Experience LifeSite’s unfiltered and uncensored analysis before Big Tech completely silences this report.

It’s time to strategize and mobilize in the way only LifeSite can — educating countless people across the world to defend life, faith, family, and freedom.

Don’t miss this critical post-election coverage.

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