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(LifeSiteNews) — Protecting your assets in a world of total uncertainty — with financial markets continuing to censor pro-life advocates — finding someone you can trust with your most precious investments is imperative.

Tomorrow, LifeSiteNews Editor-in-Chief, John-Henry Westen, will announce bold action: LifeSite has found the perfect partner for ensuring your financial security.  

The interview will announce a brand-new precious metals partnership between the two pro-life organizations, equipping pro-life and pro-family citizens with the option of investing in precious metals with a trusted organization that shares their traditional values. 

“Everyone at LifeSite was thrilled to hear about this new relationship,” remarked Westen on the eve of the new partnership. “This company has faithfully lived out Christian-Catholic values, fitting perfectly with LifeSite’s mission to build a safe and secure culture of life for our subscribers — especially in the wake of the systemic cancelling of faithful Christians across America by banks and online e-commerce platforms.”  

What distinguishes LifeSite’s partnership is that both organizations implement prayer, fasting, and Christian values into their operations.  

“Every person is personally responsible for their spiritual and material well-being, but both LifeSite and our newest partner — to be announced tomorrow at 8:00 PM ET on my show — take the extra step of implementing these personal values into our day-to-day decisions,” Westen said, reflecting upon the importance of creating personalized trust with all LifeSite supporters.  

“In a time where people are betrayed by their banks, Big Tech, and even big government for being pro-life and pro-family, it’s imperative now more than ever that people can believe in institutions that work for them for the same causes.” 

The new partnership is catered specifically to LifeSite readers, viewers, and subscribers, with a customized LifeSite landing page offering investing philosophy, passion for the pro-life movement, and security that users can expect with taking advantage of LifeSite’s new partnership. 

Visitors can find a full list of benefits, videos, and history offered, including:  

  • Tailored precious metals portfolios, 
  • Guidance for first-time precious metals transactions, 
  • Wealth opportunities for new investors, 
  • Increased support Biblical principles in America, and 
  • Direct impact and support for first-responders through a philanthropy program. 

Be sure to tune in to the John-Henry Westen Show at 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT tomorrow, November 1st, across all LifeSiteNews platforms to hear directly from the founder of our newest partner, and how LifeSite supporters and subscribers can begin taking advantage of this brand-new pro-life and pro-family initiative.