LifeSiteNews Aims to Send 5,000 Pro-Life Postcards to Planned Parenthood, Henry Morgentaler by Easte

March 13, 2009 ( - This Lent has set a goal to flood the largest and most profitable abortion providers in the US and Canada with personalized cards asking them to stop killing unborn children, and telling them that women deserve better than abortion. 

From now until Easter Sunday, for every person who donates to in the name of Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards (U.S.) or abortionist Henry Morgentaler (Canada), LSN will mail a personalized card to either Richards or Morgentaler telling them that the donation was made in their name. The card will also ask them to respect the right to life of all Americans and Canadians, and tell them that women deserve better than abortion.

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The front of the American cards says, "A Planned Parenthood shouldn’t imply a dead baby and a wounded mother," and the front of the Canadian card, to be sent to Dr. Henry Morgentaler, says, "Doctors should save lives, not end them." managing director Steve Jalsevac has asked North American pro-lifers to come together and send a strong message to the continent’s largest and most profitable abortion leaders.

"Between Planned Parenthood and Henry Morgentaler, countless hundreds of thousands of Americans and Canadians are lost every year," said Jalsevac. "Collectively they are responsible for the deaths of millions of children. Well, now we’re offering the opportunity for pro-lifers to tell these guys directly to stop what they’re doing, while at the same time supporting the most widely read international pro-life and pro-family news service in the world."

LifeSiteNews hopes to mail Planned Parenthood and Henry Morgentaler a total of 5,000 cards by Easter Sunday. The cards will continue to be sent out as the postcard campaign responses come in.

"We need everybody to spread word of this campaign," said Jalsevac. "E-mail your friends, family, everyone you think might be remotely interested in supporting this campaign. We need your help to make this a success."

Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen observed that Lent is the best time to help support the pro-life cause. "During Lent we look forward to Easter, to the Resurrection. It is a time of year that is traditionally associated with new life and birth.

"So during this Lent, why not make part of your alms-giving, and reach out to Henry Morgentaler and Cecile Richards at the same time?"

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**Note: with our new donation system, we are not yet able to receive comments from United States or PayPal participants in this campaign. However, comments are greatly appreciated and can be emailed separately to [email protected]

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