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LifeSiteNews online art auction ends Thursday! Will continue at gala

Steve Jalsevac

Friends of life and family, is proud to announce the start of the online portion of our 2012 Gala celebration silent art auction. We have been blessed with art donations from 3 strongly pro-life individuals who are exceptionally trained artists in the realist tradition of art.

We were thrilled to be able to offer these amazing works to you because we understand just how important truth AND beauty are to the pro-life and pro-family movement. Here at LifeSiteNews we, of course, focus on reporting the truth. But the medium of art conveys another vitally important component to our battle for culture: beauty.

Oftentimes the truth and beauty communicated through art has a greater impact than 1,000 lectures on the same subject matter.  One of our contributing artists, Andrea Nutt Falce, has penned an article entitled “Why Classical Realism?” that specifically addresses this connection of art to cultural renewal.

We recently published culture of life stories on two of our contributing artists, Julia Holcomb and Andrea Nutt Falce. with links in the stories to larger photos of the items they have offered for our gala.

Henry Wingate, a former F-14 fighter pilot and our third artist on display, will be interviewed by LifeSiteNews and has written an excellent article on the importance of painting from life as opposed to copying photographs and until we have a news story published about his work, you can read more about him and view his portfolio here. Also, a larger photo of his “Peonies and Lilies” painting can be seen here, and more examples of his masterful portrait work can be found on our website here. Henry will be offering a head and shoulders portrait from life for the auction.

More details about each painting, as well as the artists themselves can be found on our registration site. Bidding instructions can be found on our bid registration page.

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