Dear Readers,

The International Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Toronto this weekend greatly affirmed the need for LifeSiteNews. The event was an astonishing eye opener on the issues, even for many who were already fully involved with them.

Representing LifeSiteNews at the event I was amazed at the number of leaders from across North America who told me they read LifeSiteNews every day or often, depend upon our reports, and expressed enthusiastic gratitude for the information we provide them.

It seemed there were few symposium participants who were not aware of LifeSiteNews. It was also very good and inspiring company to be with those two days.

So, we are more determined now than ever. LifeSiteNews must not only continue, but must do more. It is no exaggeration to say that what we do is much needed by life and family defenders in many countries of the world.

This past weekend  there was another small flurry of donations in response to our donation drive. Thanks again to those who so kindly responded with donations of from $10 to $500.

If many more of you, our readers, agree that what we do is important and useful then I urge you to also send us a donation now. That is how we keep going. It takes money, as well as determination and skill to publish LifeSiteNews day by day. We are very dependent upon our readers’ generosity.

So far, the response to the donation drive has been slow in coming and we are very far yet from raising what we need.

Again, if every regular reader donated at least $10 per year our financial needs would be taken care of. Please consider it. And for those who can donate more – consider a larger donation to make up for those who are not able to contribute.

PLEASE send a donation by mail or online by credit card. ANY amount will be appreciated.

For information about how to donate or to print out our handy donation form go to:
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Thank you for you generosity,

Steve Jalsevac
Managing Director

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