After over a decade of allowing nearly unrestricted use and reuse of articles, we have made the necessary decision to change our copyright policy.

LSN would like to provide its articles free of charge to anyone. However, the substantial costs incurred in maintaining this news service requires that we begin to charge a limited fee for professional use of original LSN articles.

We have therefore come up with a simple and reasonable pricing plan for those publishers who would generate revenue from the republishing of LSN articles. We are also willing to negotiate pricing based upon the resources and needs of individual publishers. Publishers should contact Matt Anderson by using the e-mail form here, or by dialing (540)635-3131.

At the same time, LSN remains 100% devoted to making access to quality pro-life and pro-family journalism accessible, affordable, and easy, especially for pro-life and pro-family activists and organizations.

LSN therefore grants the right to print or republish its articles for limited single classroom situations and for inclusion in smaller pro-life or pro-family non-profit organization websites, newsletters or bulletins. Such organizations would include pro-life, pro-family U.S. 501(c)(3) or other charitable or non-profit organizations and churches. We would, however, request that any such organizations first contact us here, informing us of their intended use of LSN articles.

Additionally, reprint, re-use or redistribution of portions of articles (not exceeding one half of the article) is allowed free of charge provided the wording of the article is not changed in any way, and is clearly credited as the source for the article. Internet republication of partial LSN articles must include a link to the original article on, in addition to clear and prominent mention of as the article source.

To find out more about our new copyright policy and how to receive permission to reprint reports, please click here.