Dear Readers,

  Well, “Bella” is finally coming out in US theaters this weekend. We hope that many of our US readers will go out to see the movie if it is showing in their area.

  We are finally publishing our fascinating in-depth interview from last year with the movie’s producer Leo Severino and star/producer Eduardo Verastegui. It is perhaps the most intimate interview of Eduardo that you will read anywhere. It is also the first media interview that the “Bella” team ever gave.

  We saved it for this release period with the hope it would encourage more readers and their families, friends and Church and other groups to go and see “Bella”.

  Judie Brown is known for often calling a spade a spade. Her comments on Cardinal McCarrick’s rebuttal to Bishop Burke’s recent statement that communion must not be given to obstinately pro-abortion Catholic politicians adds to that reputation. By no means do all US pro-life leaders highly regard Judie Brown, specifically because of her bluntness. We have to admit, though, she often says what must be said and what no one else has the courage to say, such as in this case.

  How long can this charade of senior Catholic leaders ignoring their Church’s teaching and the Pope’s very specific instruction on such a crucial life issue continue to go on? Judie Brown is saying “enough is enough”. Bravo to her.

  Canada’s Conservative government, much to the surprise of many of our US readers, is not really “conservative” as Gerry Nicholls emphatically points out in his article today.

  The “Conservatives” are certainly a major improvement over the previous decades of Liberal government. However, the path they have been going down is of very serious concern to Canada’s social conservatives. Now even the economic conservatives have become alarmed with the government’s constant drift to the left. Nicholls, like Judy Brown, often calls it like it is when no one else will. His article misses the more important social conservative issues, but it still provides an overview of benefit to everyone.

  Again, like the Catholic bishops Judie talks about, cowardice appears to be a factor with the Conservatives. And yet, there are many fine Members of Parliament within the Conservative Party. Unfortunately, some of the best of the social conservative ones have been gradually resigning as the party continues to actively recruit pro-abortion, pro-gay candidates.

  Canadians must continue to hope and pray that the Conservatives and MPs in the other parties will finally wake up to the grave dangers they have exposed Canada to by doing so pathetically little to protect life and family.

  Steve Jalsevac
  Managing Director