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Dear readers, It is Day 8 of the 25-Day Countdown to Christmas campaign to reach the minimum goal of $750,000.

We are very grateful for all who have responded to date! There is still a very long way to go, but the total of donations so far is encouraging. Please join those who have already made a gift with your own offering for the LifeSiteNews mission of truth by clicking here .

Although LifeSiteNews is read and relied upon by many professionals, experts, and other persons in surprisingly influential positions, we are especially here for the majority of you who are the ordinary, everyday people, the bedrock of any community, nation, and civilization. We know that you especially benefit from and need our reporting because of how much the worldly powers abuse or ignore those they do not consider to be among the elite.Knowledge is power, and numbers acting together can also be powerful, but in the sense of being powerful to do good and to bring about justice and resist evildoers.

Within the above context, I will mention just one of Wednesday’s LifeSiteNews articles. We reported on a well-informed but vulnerable New Zealand couple whose 4-month-old baby is being taken away from the parents simply because they want to ensure the child is not given blood from a jabbed person during a critically needed heart surgery. And they have arranged many donors for the needed blood. 

Ah, but that is a great sin against the Covid jab cult – did they and you not know? We must all pretend that there are no problems with these injections that children cannot possibly benefit from, and which are, without any doubt now from oodles of studies, expert opinions and numerous lived experiences, more harmful than any good that they could possibly do. The parents are well aware – you do not have to be a doctor to realize this – that the blood of any jabbed persons could potentially have toxins, especially spike proteins and nanoparticles, and who knows what else in them from having been Covid injected.

They don’t want to risk this for their baby. It is just common sense, especially after seeing the nightmare that has been observed in the blood of some deceased jabbed persons who died suddenly, and which autopsies have also revealed. Regardless of the validity or not of all the above, these parents have every right to ask for unjabbed blood for their child and to not be exposed to the ugly harassment, threats, and demeaning lording it over them by cruel hospital doctors and a judge. 

We must all ask, why is it so extremely important to the doctors and the court that the parents not be allowed to insist on only blood from persons who have not been Covid jabbed? What is really going on here? There has to be more to the situation than they are telling the parents.So, LifeSiteNews and some others report on this, but few like we do: giving the parents a fair forum to tell their story without interference or assuming they need psychological counselling or that they are “conspiracy theorists.”

This extreme pressure to use jabbed blood or to get jabbed truly is from some kind of cult that we must all act together to defeat with reason, facts, courage, law, and prayer. A cult is one in which you are told to believe things that there is no evidence for or suffer pressures and consequences for not believing. There is no rationale for not acceding to the parents’ wish for only unjabbed blood. LifeSiteNews exists for many in these kinds of situations. We have reported on and given public exposure to numerous similar and worse circumstances in the past where the media, the state, and health authorities crush the rights and authority of fathers and mothers in regard to their children. We exist for the sake of justice when justice is denied and to facilitate corrective actions.Please at least pray that the couple will receive the justice that they and their baby deserve. Put whatever pressure you can on the tyrannical medical authorities there. 

And please donate to our Christmas campaign at so that we can continue to expose such injustice anywhere in the world and defend the rights of parents against those who seem to think they are some sort of gods who can determine who should live and who should die and who has ultimate authority over our young children.For life and family,

Steve Jalsevac

25 Day Countdown to Christmas Gift of Gratitude