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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of LifeSiteNews: InFocus, John-Henry Westen discussed how everyday individuals have fought back against the brutality of tyranny and how individuals must continue to respond to the further degradation of civilization.

John-Henry reminded us we can’t “fall asleep” and assume everything is hunky-dory now that most COVID restrictions have been lifted. Tyranny is still lurking and could return at any moment.

“Some of what has gone on has given us some pause,” he said. “Restrictions have been lifted, but it’s coming back, as we knew over and over and over again, this method of letting … things go lax during the summer months, and then [bringing] it back with force as the fall comes in … particularly because the elections are coming up in the United States.”

“We’ve got to be ready. We’ve got to be ready and realize what we’re facing,” he added.

This week’s reports included an inside account of the brutality of Communist China from dissident pro-freedom activist Chen Guangchen, the Biden regime’s efforts to surrender American sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the event of another “health emergency,” a look-back at LifeSite’s exclusive interviews with Canadian truck drivers participating in the Freedom Convoy protests, and a report on how to prepare for societal collapse featuring LifeSite’s own Nick Marmalejo and Walter Willits.

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