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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of LifeSiteNews: InFocus, John-Henry Westen spotlights individuals taking steps to thwart the globalist New World Order.

While the globalists scheme to take over the world and manage it in totalitarian fashion, people all over the world are being alerted to these efforts and taking steps to resist them, starting with spreading the truth about corruption in Western society.

Join John-Henry Westen on this week’s episode of InFocus as he:

  • Discusses recent comments by Dr. Robert Malone about some of humanity’s primary enemies.
  • Presents Steven Mosher’s understanding of the threats to the world from Communist China and within the Church.
  • Shares LifeSiteNews’ exclusive report at a recent homesteading and prepper conference and how self-sufficiency is the future.
  • Presents a report from LifeSiteNews journalist Kennedy Hall on how increasing numbers of Catholics are finding refuge in the Latin Mass and tradition as the globalists seek to eliminate resistance to their New World Order agenda.

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