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LifeSiteNews launches mobile website

John Jalsevac

After months of planning and development, LifeSiteNews (LSN) today launched its mobile website.

The cutting edge site makes it much easier for users on mobile devices (i.e. iphones, androids, ipods, etc.) with their small screens to navigate our website, and to read our news articles.

The development of the site came in response to the skyrocketing number of users who are accessing our site from their mobile devices. So far in 2012 there have been over 1,000,000 visits to our site from mobile devices. In the same time period last year, there were just over 100,000, meaning that mobile traffic has increased 10-fold since last year!

Here at LSN our mission is to promote positive cultural change through pro-life and pro-family news reporting, and part of that mission is keeping up to date with the latest web technology in order to reach as many people as possible.

Thus, we are thrilled to take this next step forward, and sincerely hope that the site will help our mobile users enjoy our news reporting more fully.

Currently the site is set up so that users coming to our site from mobile devices will automatically be sent to the mobile site. If, however, such users wish to view the regular website, they may do so by clicking the “full site” link in the footer of the mobile site. We will also be adding a link to the “full site” to the very top of the mobile site in the next day or two, making it extremely easy for users to toggle back and forth between the two if they wish.

Currently tablet devices will not be sent to the mobile site automatically, but if tablet users prefer to view it, they can click the “mobile site” link at the top of our regular site.

Undoubtedly in the days to come we will discover some glitches and wrinkles in the site as thousands of viewers with various devices on various platforms access the site. We ask you not only to let us know if or when you experience any such issues, but also to be patient as we iron out these wrinkles to provide a flawless browsing experience.

Iphone users have the option of adding the LifeSiteNews mobile site to their iphone desktop in the form of an “app”. Simply go to using the Safari browser, and then click the icon with the arrow on the bottom of the browser screen and click “Add to Home Screen.” This will add LifeSiteNews to your desktop, making it extremely easy to check LifeSiteNews for the latest pro-life and pro-family news with a single click.

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