Dear LifeSiteNews readers,

  Many new readers of LifeSiteNews have difficulty making a connection between abortion, euthanasia, contraception, feminism, explicit sex education, promotion of homosexuality, de-population programs, eugenics, environmental extremism, suppression of religious freedom and globalism. We always hope that after a few months of reading LifeSiteNews they begin to see the connection. Many, including most of the world’s religious leaders, haven’t been exposed to this information, or if they have, still don’t get it or, in very many cases, don’t have the courage or trust in God to face the disturbing truth.

  The development in Brazil, reported in today’s top story by our Latin American correspondent Matthew Hoffman, is exciting news. The Brazilian bishops appear to have suddenly come much farther than all others in realizing and accepting the reality of the “big picture”, the above mentioned, “connection”, that we at LifeSiteNews have been aware of for years. Even more exciting is that they are taking bold actions to hold accountable those responsible for this massive manipulation and abuse of power – even at the highest international levels.

  We hope the Brazilian bishops’ example will be emulated by many more leaders throughout the world. The world is in great danger from the de-population totalitarians who have already caused great harm. Theirs is indeed a very dangerous movement of people and organizations who have very little, if any regard for the inherent dignity of every human life and for freedom. What they wish to achieve far exceeds anything accomplished by Nazism or Communism – and so far they have made huge advances. The producers of the film “Demographic Winter” attest to that (

  Bravo for the Brazilian bishops who are responding as bishops should, with great courage and boldness for the benefit of those who are being exploited and oppressed.

  We suggest that you continue to read LifeSiteNews reports in the context of the above paragraphs. To further your understanding, if you have not already done so, we strongly suggest you take the time to read the most popular document on LifeSiteNews, The Inherent Racism of Population Control, by Paul Jalsevac at

  More than any other report on LifeSiteNews, that document reveals the enormous, deadly influence of International Planned Parenthood and other elements of the depopulation/eugenics movement. It explains the connection between all those items in the first paragraph of this message. Please read the document and tell others about it.

  Steve Jalsevac