Dear readers, 

Happy St. Valentine’s day to all. Unlike the perverse ways that some are celebrating this day, we are sure most of you, and in fact most of the public, are celebrating the day with flowers, touching or humorous cards and expressions of affection to loved ones and friends – just as it should be. Others have fond memories of Valentines past. It is a good event for those who truly love life and family. offices received a call yesterday from a 74-year-old woman who identified herself as Nicole. She was calling to suggest some pro-life strategy. However as I tried to explain that she should direct her advice to an activist group, I sensed her emotion.  

  She explained that she had had an abortion many years ago.  Having two children already and not being able to foresee caring for a third under strained circumstances, she had the abortion.

  Nicole, wants others to know that she still experiences great pain from her decision to end the life of her child. “I still dream of it. It hurt my soul like you would not believe,” she told me. “If someone says you don’t suffer, that is a lie.”

  Nicole hoped her experiences would dissuade other women from following in her footsteps.  “It’s like a contagious disease you have, its in your spirit and your mind . . . like a scream of the heart still speaking to you all of your days.”

  Remember Nicole in your prayers today.

  For Life,

  John-Henry Westen