Dear readers,

  Lots of news to report today as usual. But be sure not to miss the Kentucky bishops unusually straightforward statement on voting for pro-abortion politicians, as well as the very good news on Belmont Abbey College.

  In of the best lines written by a Catholic College President I’ve read in many years, the president wrote to staff and faculty about removing abortion and contraception coverage from the health policy.

  In a letter to staff and faculty, Thierfeder answered the question: Were any faculty, staff or committees consulted on this change? He said, “No. The teaching of the Catholic Church on this moral issue is clear. The responsibility of the College as a Catholic College sponsored by the monks of Belmont Abbey to follow Church teaching is equally clear. There was no other course of action possible if we were to operate in fidelity to our mission and to our identity as a Catholic College. Therefore, consultation was not an option. However, Abbot Placid and I have publicly and repeatedly expressed a willingness to discuss the matter at any time with anyone who would like to talk to us.”

  Canada’s Conservatives continue to confound social conservatives. Today it is about record funding from the “Conservative” government for a radical feminist department. Tuesday it was about the government telling its MPs to shut up about a proposed motion that could finally lead to an end of the growing abuse of human rights commissions. The motion has wide support even in a lot of Canada’s media. It appears to be a no-brainer positive move for the Tories and yet they are giving every indication they want to kill it. Go figure.

  John-Henry Westen

  Steve Jalsevac
  Managing Director