Dear Readers,

  England is certainly getting loonier every day. The question is, How much farther will this insanity go? The Archbishop of Canterbury does seem to have gone “bonkers” as stated by the religion correspondent for the Times. And Hilary White does a masterful job today of exposing the madness of the N.I.C.E. program.

  Mitt Romney is officially out and the social conservatives of the United States are left with the big question mark of John McCain. Pro-Life Senator Brownback says, “McCain has a long, consistent 24-year pro-life voting record” and “is the best pro-life candidate to win in 2008”.

  Dr. James Dobson and many others, however, have a very different take on McCain. Dobson presents compelling reasons for US social conservatives to have grave concerns. Peggy Noonan seemed to sum up the general mood, stating in the Wall Street Journal, “I sense little relief and much unease”.

  Many are saying that McCain will be a far better choice for the cause of life and family than either Clinton or Obama and that socons must vote for him.

  We hope and pray that Senator Brownback is right and that a candidate who will consistently stand up for life and family will win the presidency in November. We suggest that will take a LOT of prayer and a LOT of on-going political and other efforts to influence the election and the candidates.

  Steve Jalsevac