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Folks, it’s that time when we could use your help again. Our resources are pretty lean right now.

For those who are relatively new to LifeSiteNews we want to emphasize that our appealsÂfor financial support are made reluctantly and infrequently. Only two times per year will we bother you with this necessary communication.

It has been a wild summer and fall. There has been a lot of good news we were delighted to report but, regarding the more frequent disturbing news, do you get the impression that the world is sort of going mad?

It often breaks our heart to report some of the things that have been happening. And, of course, it has been difficult for you to read about them. We know that. But, hiding our heads in the sand is not the thing to do if we truly care about life, family, truth and freedom.

Most heartening, is that you, our readers, have obviously been acting on the information we report. We are constantly hearing about the influence of LifeSiteNews from people all across North America and abroad. It is humbling and at times even shocking.

Just on a local basis for example, veteran pro-life reporter Frank Kennedy retained his press credentials as a reporter for The Interim newspaper at the Ontario legislature largely because of a story last week. Toronto’s St. Michael’s cathedral last week cancelled a benefit concert for an AIDS group that follows the failed strategy of promoting condoms as a supposed solution to the AIDS epidemic. The cancellation occurred because many of you acted on the information provided in the LifeSiteNews story on this.

In July, we were given copies of two letters from then Cardinal Ratzinger to his friend German author Gabriele Kuby stating his agreement with her concerns about the Harry Potter novels. Contrary to skeptics, the letters were indeed written by the upcoming pope. We put scanned copies of the letters on line and an international explosion of interest and healthy discussion followed. Hundreds of thousands of people viewed our article which was referred to by the Drudge Report, the London Telegraph and numerous other websites and publications around the world.

The power of this medium, the ability to alert huge numbers of people within a few hours about important developments, with names and addresses to contact, is astonishing.

OurÂinterviewÂwith Sacramento Chancellor Rev. Charles S. McDermott on the expulsion of 15 year old Sacramento student Katelyn Sills from her Catholic school, is causing strong reaction. Numerous readers are using the contact information we provided to call, write or email the school president and her religious superior about the school’s action against the student for exposing a teacher as an abortion activist. A state legislator from another state subscribed to because of that story.

This kind of reporting has caused our statistics to go way up in the past several months. That is, many more people are reading stories and doing research using our archive of now over 15,000 original stories since 1997.

Our information sources? We are connected to a large network of pro-life, pro-family leaders who keep us up to date on developments. We also scour the Internet every day. But, most important, we receive emails, letters and phone calls from readers alerting us to critical items.

People trust us. They know that we will do our best to report a story that needs to be told, even if no one else is emphasizing it, and that we will not wimp out on difficult matters. They know we will report it accurately and professionally – and that when it gets out, it will be widely read and distributed. As well, our sources know we strictly respect confidences when requested.

However, this truth and information machine called has practical day-to-day needs to keep going. It all costs money, despite being unbelievably cost effective for what it achieves.

An advertising program has been started, as you may have noticed from viewing our site recently. The program should be fully set up in the near future. Advertising will bring some much needed funds but is unlikely to cover more than a minor percentage of our costs.

There is not one slouch among our whole team. You may have noticed that our writers’ names are now posted on the daily news reports. This is a very dedicated, hard working and high caliber group of truth evangelists. We sure could use more staff, though, to share the load and allow us to concentrate on crucial issues we have to set aside because of manpower and fund shortages.

There is no shortage of exciting new ideas and projects that we would dearly love to get into and which you would be delighted with – if only we had the funds.

So, please, if you are able, feed us with your generous donations.

We have substantial ongoing financial needs for wages, equipment, services and website development. Regarding the wages part, among our five married staff we have a total of 21 children. So, not only the website but also our families rely on your generosity to cover day to day needs.

Whatever you can send, large or small, would be most appreciated.

For life, family, truth and freedom,

Steve Jalsevac (Managing Director)
  John-Henry Westen (News Editor)

P.S. If you send a donation of $40 of more, we will send you the approximately one hour DVD we recorded of Stephen Mosher’s amazing talk on his exposure of China’s one-child policy. We wrote about the talk in our August 26 Special Report. You must specify that you wish to receive the DVD when you make your donation. Just write “Mosher DVD” in the online comments box or in your letter or mention it when you call in to make a credit card donation.

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