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  Vietnam Man Runs ‘Abortion Orphanage’

  Leading Social Conservatives Warn against Romney as McCain’s VP -full-page letter ad that will run Saturday in an Arizona newspaper where Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) will be on the presidential campaign trail

“Miracle” Stories Can Double as Cautionary Tales – Difficult end-of-life decisions – Need to prevent still living patients from wrongly being declared dead

  Stem cell surgery helps quadriplegic walk again

  Despite Cannibal Talk, PBS Host Hailed Ted Turner As ‘Remarkable’

  The Ron Paul Moment Has Only Begun

  The America of Benedict XVI, a Model for Catholic Europe by Sandro Magister

  William F. Buckley Jr. was a man who sought always to be Nearer My God.

  Buckley Remembered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

  Most Americans say U.S. on wrong track, poll says

  Christian values only thing holding Britain together, says Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor

  Prominent Islamic cleric and lawyer who support extreme punishment for non-Muslims — including killing and rape.,2933,344409,00.html

  David Parker’s elementary school rolling out new “gay” curriculum in wake of court decision.

  Blockbuster speech on “The Gay Gene Hoax” silences pro-gay crowd at Framingham State College

  Straight or gay? U.S. court says Web site can’t ask

  World needs more CO2, environment confab told ‘There will be significant cooling very soon,’ asserts solar scientist

  Famous U.S. Catholic Philosopher and Prolific Author Dr. Peter Kreeft: “We are living in a spiritual Hiroshima”

  Global temperatures have not risen since 1998

  Andrew Greeley: Anti-Obama Pundits Have ‘Sick Minds’