LifeSiteNews Produces Powerful Video on Development & Peace Scandal

Mon Jun 22, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

By Steve Jalsevac

June 22, 2009 ( - In 2009, investigative reporters from discovered a widespread scandal with the funding practices of the Canadian Catholic Organization For Development and Peace (CCODP). This official agency of the Canadian Catholic Bishops has been funding pro-abortion groups. Watch this video to see the undeniable evidence of pro-abortion and other advocacy contrary to Catholic teachings on life and family.

The CCODP continues to deny any and all wrongdoing in the funding of these "partners" and their abortion-advocacy. More details about the CCODP abortion scandal can be found on the LifeSiteNews Development & Peace Feature Page that includes over 50 news articles documenting discoveries of pro-abortion funding by D&P in South & Central America, Asia and Africa. A complete, easy-to-read document detailing all of the evidence of pro-abortion funding by D&P can be found here.  

This powerful 5-minute video on the D&P scandal is expected to help many more people understand the seriousness of this issue and the validity of LSN's well-documented investigative reports that have exposed the problem beyond a shadow of a doubt.

LifeSiteNews commissioned the production of the video to present a compact, compelling and easy-to-follow presentation summarizing some of the large volume of information on the issue.

Wide promotion of the video, "Development & Peace: Canada's Catholic Abortion Scandal," is being encouraged with the hope that this will result in long overdue, major reform of D&P and the permanent removal of all funding to any groups that violate Catholic life and family principles.

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