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(LifeSiteNews) – After LifeSiteNews broke the story about the two dozen FBI agents, guns drawn, besieging pro-life hero Mark Houck’s home and terrifying his wife and seven young children, the story was quickly picked up and amplified by other online and print news outlets.  

Over the weekend, no less than two dozen media organizations repeated the story, citing LifeSiteNews, including Fox News, the Daily Wire, the Washington Times, the Epoch Times, and the New York Post.     

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Most focused on the over-the-top, way out of proportion show of force the FBI used to terrorize and intimidate the beloved pro-life activist and his family.  


Instead of showing a picture of the Houck family, Breitbart chose to post a photo of U.S. Attorney General, Merrick Garland at the top of its article.  Last month, in a highly controversial move, Garland approved a similar FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence in Florida.   

The Washington Examiner’s Quin Hillyer wrote a commentary titled, “In raid on home with seven children, FBI again acts dangerously thuggish.”  

“If the FBI and the Justice Department want critics to stop portraying the bureau as a menace to society, maybe FBI leaders and agents should stop acting like menaces,” wrote Hillyer. 

National Review continued the theme of the FBI’s disproportionate show of force, headlining its article, “Pro-Life Activist Arrested After SWAT Team Raids Home with Guns Drawn in Front of ‘Screaming’ Children.” 

CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Network, wrote, “FBI Raids Home of Pro-Life Christian With Guns Drawn as Family Watches in Horror.”  

Other news outlets that picked up on LifeSiteNews’ breaking story were the GateWay Pundit, Catholic World Report, The Blaze, the Daily Signal, and PJ Media.   

In a televised interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), accused the Justice Department of “overreach.”    

READ: FBI raids home of Catholic pro-life speaker, author with guns drawn as his terrified kids watch

LifeSiteNews’ story on the Houck FBI raid also saturated the conservative “Twitterverse.”

Linking to the LSN article, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, wrote, “The description of this arrest sounds like it took place in a totalitarian state. A tragic unraveling of Justice in America.”   

“In case you hadn’t caught on already, the satanic Biden administration is waging war on Christians,” tweeted the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles.  

“This is absurd. A blatant, partisan abuse of power,” tweeted Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

“As I’ve said, the Mar-a-Lago raid isn’t just about President Trump — it’s about all of us,” Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts wrote.  

“Saying that doesn’t make someone an insurrectionist—if anything, it’s the DOJ that’s “threatening democracy,” explained Roberts. 

Before linking to the LifeSiteNews account of the Houck FBI raid, famed investigative reporter Julie Kelly shared in a series of Tweets court documents illustrating that the U.S. “legal system is irrevocably broken.”   

“The US Attorney responsible for the case is a Biden appointee,” continued Kelly.  “DOJ bragged in a press release that she’s the ‘first woman of color and the first person to identify as LGBTQIA+ to lead the Office.’” 

“Oh and every GOP senator voted to confirm her in June,” added Kelly.  

Journalist Miranda Devine tweeted, “The DOJ is out of control. We need more conscientious objectors.”  

Conservative author David Limbaugh wrote simply, “You have got to be kidding me,” above his link to the LifeSiteNews story.  

“Hey here’s a great idea for an episode of CBS’ FBI!” teased conservative Hollywood star Nick Searcy.

“Biden’s weaponized DOJ raids Catholic family for peacefully opposing abortion,” declared Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins. “This is madness.” 

Fox & Friends weekend co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy implied on Twitter that the DOJ and its enforcers now view pro-life Catholics as domestic terrorists. 

“Biden’s FBI arrests Catholic pro-life dad with guns drawn in front of his terrified 7 kids. They coming for us!” wrote the alarmed TV host.  

“Now we know what they meant by ‘rosary extremists.’” 

By Monday morning, Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles acknowledged LifeSiteNews’ reporting in a segment titled, “Biden’s FBI Gets More Evil and Satanic.” Matt Walsh also cited LifeSiteNews in his podcast.