By Steve Jalsevac

  Readers may be noticing the LifeSiteNews Search utility has recently been producing poor results rather than the previous thorough listing of articles related to the search words entered. The problem has been occurring since mid-February.

  The cause is that our recent full changeover to LifeSiteNews from Lifesite required a special submission to Google which we did not realize was necessary. The first submission was made on Feb. 24 and other submissions made this past week. The problem will hopefully be fully resolved over the next few weeks. 

  Once this is completed you will once again be able to get the full benefit of the resources available from our database of over 20,000 articles.


  If you have received a LifeSiteNews email of this article then you are on our list and are being sent the news every day. However, some of you may not be receiving those sent news emails. That is most likely because your Internet Service Provider is blocking the emails (which you are not notified about) or is placing them in a junk email, spam or quarantine folder.

  This is a growing problem as Internet Service Providers are taking more aggressive measures to try to stop unsolicited and offensive emails. Unfortunately, because LifeSiteNews stories cover controversial issues they are often incorrectly tagged as being problem emails.

  There are key words and phrases in our reports that are often flagged as indicators of problem emails. In our case, however, the key words are there only because we are reporting in an ethical manner on issues related to those words.

  If you are not receiving our news emails and are a subscriber you will have to contact your Internet Service Provider technical support and insist they do not block any emails from Tell them you have subscribed to LifeSiteNews and that it is a legitimate news service that does not send unsolicited or offensive emails. You may have to call a few times to finally get the issue resolved.

  When you do this you will also help to ensure that other subscribers and future subscribers will not have their LifeSiteNews emails blocked.

  If you have a Yahoo or Rogers email account you should check the on line version of your account to see if the LifeSiteNews emails are being placed in the spam folder. This has been happening to some of our subscribers.

  You will unfortunately have to search through the offensive list of emails in that folder. If you find a LifeSiteNews email, highlight the message line, right click and then select “This is not spam”. Then the news emails will download to your computer email inbox.  The same situation may apply to other email providers. Once you have done this the problem should not re-occur.


  We have made a slight but important change to our copyright requirement.

  The copyright notice now reads:

  Copyright © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives License. You may republish this article or portions of it without request provided the content is not altered and it is clearly attributed to “”. Any website publishing of complete or large portions of original LifeSiteNews articles MUST additionally include a live link to The link is not required for excerpts. Republishing of articles on LifeSiteNews from other sources as noted is subject to the conditions of those sources.

  ** The main new element is that we are now requiring any website reproduction of a an entire LifeSiteNews report or a large portion of it MUST include a live link to The link is not required for excerpts.**

  LifeSiteNews stories are produced at considerable effort and expense. We pay seven writers to research and create our reports and employ other staff to create and maintain the website and email service. Our reporters often personally interview sources in order to verify information and to obtain original information and quotes.

  LifeSiteNews is offered free of charge and re-publishing of our reports is also free.

  **All that we ask is that the very simple copyright conditions be met. **

  Unfortunately, a major pro-life news service and a very few others have in the past repeatedly plagiarized our reports. The pro-life news service at times went so far as to remove “told LifeSiteNews” from original quote lines within our reports or parts of the reports which it republished.

  This was done without any acknowledgement that the original material was quoted directly from As for the pro-life news service, repeated requests to cease and desist were not honored and several other websites told us they were encountering the same problem with that same service.

  However, with those rare exceptions, the vast majority of Internet and publication services readily comply with basic copyright requests. They realize it is ethical behavior and in the best interest of everyone to have such a system honored.

  If you are aware of original LifeSiteNews material being re-published without appropriate acknowledgement, we would appreciate being advised of it. We have found that in almost all cases, the source of such unauthorized publication immediately responds positively to a copyright request. It usually turns out that the violation was being done inadvertently or without management being aware of it.