Dear readers,

There are some pretty gruesome stories in today’s news. However, they are good examples of what happens when society accepts the culture of death. If ever anyone doubted that embracing abortion leads to total devaluation of human life, the story on the fetal soup in Chinese restaurants and that of the UK Baroness saying disabled children are better off aborted should cause any honest thinkers to take a new, hard look at such doubt.

We continue our reportage on the huge amount of news we garnered from the March for Life in Washington and have noted that many websites and blogs are linking to our photo archive of the March which seems very much appreciated.

We hear reports every day of how is having a major impact in the culture wars internationally. Some of those reports we’re not able to share with you but rest assured you are, by sending us information, taking action on our reports and assisting us with your prayers and contributions, fighting the good fight and bringing about real change.

For life and family,

John-Henry Westen