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Polygamy Promoting Tom Hanks Slams Mormons as “Un-American” for Opposing Homosexual “Marriage”,2933,480167,00.html

Johanna Sigurdardottir, named as Iceland’s prime minister on Sunday, is the first openly lesbian head of government in Europe

Humans ‘will be implanted with microchips’

If torturing terrorists is wrong, why not babies?

The Post-Neuhaus Future of Evangelicals and Catholics Together

A Cultural Earthquake – Cardinal Stafford was right

Hawaii civil unions backed by a majority in state House

Pro-Family Attorneys to Challenge N.Y. Ruling Recognizing Out-of-State Same-Sex ‘Marriages’

Papal Preacher calls Christian families to witness to the world of the truth of the Gospel through their life in the home

Fight brewing over Planned Parenthood building

Naples man admits to slashing tires at anti-abortion rally

Nunavut Minister is Stripped by Big Sister of his Cabinet Post for Telling the Truth

Obama and Lincoln: Superficial Similarities, Substantive Hypocrisy

Obama: Building a Monument to Tolerance on the Rubble of Religious Freedom

Husband’s kiss revives comatose woman

Barack Obama has been billed as the most extreme pro-abortion president ever. Yet 54 percent of Catholics voted for him. How could that be?