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Inducing the Truth: The “Soft Abortion” Policy of St. Joseph’s Hospital – “Early inductions”, in case you are wondering, is a gentle way for the professional euphemists in our society to talk about abortion without actually saying the word.

SHS in the Telegraph:”Right to Die Can Become Duty to Die”

Another IVF Tragedy Illustrates How “Assisted Reproduction” Increasingly Epitomizes an “Entitlement Culture”

Catholic Judges and Abortion: Did the Pope Set New Rules? By Douglas W. Kmiec,8816,1880977,00.html

Bishop of Scranton bars pro-abortion officials from St. Patrick’s Day Masses

The Kinsey/Planned Parenthood/big pornography morality heist

Pope warns of New Eugenics Mentality

Story illustrates vividly the collapse of moral and critical thinking in which we are being engulfed. Insanity  – Wesley Smith

Oscar Winner Tells ‘Gay and Lesbian Kids Out There’ That Gay Marriage Is Almost Here

Massive Tax Increases Loom as Democrats Begin to Talk Fiscal Responsibility

Virginia Considers Law to Allow Police Chaplains to Say ‘Jesus’ While Praying

China and U.S. breathe sigh of relief: economy more important than human rights

Author of recordkeeping law for pornographers applauds 6th Circuit decision

A federal appeals court has struck down a California law that sought to ban the sale or rental of violent video games to minors.

U.S. Supreme Court will rule in dispute over 8-foot cross that stands as a war memorial in the vast Mojave National Preserve in California.